Board of Directors

Bud Pettigrew the Project Director for the Minnechaduza Foundation.  Bud is a native of Valentine, is a historian, academician, critical thinker, active political analyst, and an infinite source of can-do thinking that is key in non-profit ventures.

Tim Ryschon, a native of Valentine, Nebraska, is a pediatrician with 9 years of experience as the clinical director of the Rosebud Indian Health Service hospital where he addressed the issues of disease management, health promotion, and lifestyle modification in a Native American population on a daily basis.  He now operates a virtual, private clinic to serve uninsured patients with basic health care needs while performing independent locum contracts for hospitals and clinics in Nebraska, Colorado, Arizona, California, Illinois, and Montana. His basic science and clinical research background informs clinical and health research initiatives in the Foundation, and community education programs that will effectively reach all Great Plains dwellers.

Dale Young, a native of Southern South Dakota, has formal education in computer programming, computer network engineering, and is active in the development of technology solutions in support of rural health care.  Dale is a registered member of the Ogalala Sioux Tribe.  Dale has over a decade of experience in Indian health care, having worked in the areas of Information Technology and financial management.  His experience in finance, administration, and computer technologies bring of wealth of expertise to bear on the Foundation mission.

Angel Wilson is a Certified Nurse Practitioner and has experience in public health through her years of service in the Indian Health Service.  Angel has particular expertise in child weight management and kidney failure management.  Angel is a registered member of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe.  Her experience in direct care of Native Americans through a public health model is highly valued.