Past Foundation Projects

The Minnechaduza Foundation has supported a variety of initiatives that contribute to the health of Great Plains communities. Collaboration with other organizations is one of our most basic tenants since there are so few resources a available in rural and frontier areas such as ours.

Heart City Child Advocacy Project

The Foundation was the financial and technical sponsor for the Heart City Child Advocacy Project from 2005-2007.  This program provide child-specific forensic interviewing and medical evaluation of child victims of abuse.

Circle of Parents

The Foundation brought support for parents to Valentine through this innovative and established program.

North Central Nebraska Child Abuse Prevention Project (NCNCAPP)

Child abuse prevention initiatives planned by folks from Cherry, Brown, Rock, and Keya Paha County were implemented by the Minnechaduza Foundation from 2005-2007 to make a real difference on Northern Plains.

After-School Programs

The Foundation brought unique programs and activities to the northern counties of Nebraska, designed to engage and improve children after the bell range and before the parents got home!

Health Professional Training

Rural health professionals have limited opportunities for continuing education.  The Foundation supported unique professional training opportunities for physicians, nurses, and health aides in Cherry and Brown County.

Substance Abuse – Prevention

Rural and frontier counties are not immune from  drug problems.  The Foundation has supported meth awareness events and training through a variety of venues.

Community Leader Summit

Community leaders need help too.  Special training for leaders was hosted in Valentine by the Foundation to support the knowledge and leadership strategies of city and county officials in the Northern tier of Nebraska counties.

Youth Activities

Engaging children in constructive, supervised free-time activities is critical if they are to choose healthy behaviors and activities.  In Valentine, the Foundation coordinated staffing for Bay 323—The Teen Center

Juvenile Services

Sometimes, bad things happen to kids and our next best opportunity for steering them back on a safe and productive path involves their interaction with the justice system.  The Foundation sponsored grants for juvenile planning.

LB 1184 Teams

In Nebraska, county child abuse teams were mandated by legislative bill 1184 (LB1184) – and thus their name.  The Foundation worked to enhance training for these teams in North Central Nebraska.


Economic Development

Supporting safe children and healthy families is compounded by economic depression.  The Foundation assisted Valentine and Cherry County in developing a local economic development entity to promote growth and prosperity.

North Central Nebraska Drug Task Force

The Foundation is worked with Cherry County, the City of Valentine, and neighboring jurisdictions to develop a counter drug task force aimed at disrupting drug traffic.

Recreational Trails

Walking, hiking, MOVING—this is the antidote for epidemic of obesity and diabetes afflicting the U.S. and the Great Plains.  Making trails for these activities goes a long way in creating a healthier community.

Upcoming Walks, Runs, and Rides

The Foundation sponsored physical activity events that provide a format for increased physical activity – ranging from casual walking or cycling to intense exertional activity.