Current Foundation Projects

The Minnechaduza Foundation continues to do the work other won’t or can’t. Our current projects extends into a domain of technical complexity that foreshadows the next 20 years of work.

Asthma Self-Care: Peak Flow Measurement

Patients need affordable, accurate, and durable devices for monitoring their lung function at home according to national guidelines.  The project aims to review and compare available devices to help patients make the right choice!

Dox4All International

In 2016, The Minnechaduza Foundation is launching into an initiative to use telemedicine as THE health care delivery method for rural and distressed communities around the world. This initiative, Dox4All International, uses established telemedicine techniques, coupled with nationwide recruitment of volunteer physician and on-ground facilitation by in-country “navigators” to bring an unprecidented amount of high-quality medical consultation to underserved patients in the U.S. and around the world.