The Minnechaduza Foundation was formed by Tim Ryschon in 1999, as a 501(c)3 Public Charity to accomplish projects for rural dwellers that do not interest the private, for-profit sector.  Rural life is often associated with geographic isolation relative to modern technology, health care, communication, and cultural appreciation.  Elevating these aspects of rural dwellers to the level where funding can be developed and programs launched became the principle direction of the Foundation.  As the list of past projects reflects, the Minnechaduza Foundation has been involved in a host of activities, covering a range from domestic and child abuse prevention and care to economic development.  Pouring human capital and a little funding into these areas produces healthier communities even if the short-term profitability of such efforts is not apparent to the private sector.
In 2016, The Minnechaduza Foundation is launching into an initiative to use telemedicine as THE health care delivery method for rural and distressed communities around the world. In addition, the Foundation will continue to accept the challenge of meaningful projects that are of little interest to anyone other than patients who depend on them for a better trajectory in health, life, and happiness. Join forces with the Minnechaduza Foundation today to make really good things happen.

Our Mission:

Development and support of scientific, clinical, and community initiatives that support improved health of rural dwellers while promoting and preserving their unique cultural and historical values. Remote living creates a range disparities for rural dwellers, not the least of which is health status. Such communities typically face severe economic challenges as well. This combination of disease burden, limited economy, unique cultural features, and remote geography creates special challenges to both intervention and prevention efforts. Here is where a non-profit entity based in the region and dedicated to health solutions can really make a difference!